Tiki Tonga Coffee Capsules

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The Tiki Tonga Coffee Capsules are Nespresso® compatible.
Order 5 or more sleeves and we will ship them to you for FREE. That’s 50 capsules for £20!

Heavy and punchy with a powerful liquorice kick and throwing in a cocoa finish. Earthy notes scrum together smoothly with a subtle spicy undertone. The No.2 is an excellent full bodied blend that carries well through milky drinks.

A BIG contender with a powerful kick. The No.8 is strong yet smooth, a true carrier of sweet notes of caramelised sugar, sticky toffee pudding and roasted nuts.

A controlled and clean player with fruity acidity and a medium body. Malty, nutty profiles pass throughout the No.9, and bright, citrus notes give off a snappy finish.

The No.12 is delicately balanced, full bodied and puts in a powerful hit. Notes of fruit and nut chocolate with a rich mouthfeel and a long lasting distinguished chocolate finish.

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