Coffee Blend #2(The Heavy Hitter)  - Our strongest coffee which is certain to give you a kick pre-training or pre-game. 
70% Indian Washed Robusta, 10% Kenyan Arabica, 10% Brazilian Mogiana Arabica, 10% Ethiopian Djimmah Arabica

Coffee Blend #8 - (The Big Contender) - Another one of our high caffeine blends which I would recommend using for pre-training hit, day to day.
0% Brazilian Mogiana Arabica, 40% Vietnamese Robusta, 10% Javanese Robusta, 10% Rwandan Arabica

Coffee Blend #9(Scrum Half) - The Snappy Finisher. A social blend that has a floral note to the taste and aroma, which is sure to elevate taste buds. To be drunk whilst socialising!
30% Honduran Arabica, 30% Kenyan Arabica, 30% Brazilian Mogiana Arabica, 10% Indian Washed Robusta
Coffee Blend #10 - (Flyhalf) The General - 1 x Single Origin Yellow Bourbon - sweet & creamy, for socialising and when you looking for something a little different.
100% Single Origin Yellow Bourbon

Coffee Blend #12 - (Centre) - The All Rounder. A smooth yet strong coffee, to be drunk for any moment or occasion. Pre-workout or as a relaxing afternoon Americano.
40% Brazilian Mogiana Arabica, 40% Colombian Arabica, 20% Honduran Arabica
Coffee Blend Guinness '232' Brew Blend - This unique blend momentarily spiked up to 232 degrees C, for it’s roast has a rich chocolate and nut flavour. Enjoy black to appreciate this 100% Arabica blend, great in the evening after dinner as a single shot of espresso or as a cafetiere with its lower caffeine content, you wont be up all night.
Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters source only the finest beans from across the globe. We craft the most refined blends with unlimited care and dedication.