Tiki Tonga's Coffee Shop has just arrived in Durban, South Africa!

Tiki Tonga South Africa has arrived!

We are very excited to announce the opening of the first Tiki Tonga Coffee shop in Durban, South Africa! The team have been out there getting the store ready and training the team of baristas. We are taking the Tiki Tonga ethos to the city and are looking to inspire its people to come together in conversation and to reach their fitness goals with the aid of our sports coffees.

Tiki Tonga Coffee Shop Durban South Africa

The shop will be offering two different Tiki Tonga coffees to meet these needs. The first will be No.12, our house espresso blend. Tiki Tonga No.12 is perfect for drinking over a chat and a catch up and has a smooth, rich, espresso flavour. The other coffee grinder on site will cycle between the other Tiki Tonga coffees, including our sports blends, designed to give you a boost through their naturally high caffeine content.

These two offerings will make the Tiki Tonga Coffee shop the perfect place to break up either a day in the office or a long bike ride!

We are really excited to meet everyone in Durban so be sure to come and pay us a visit!

Tiki Tonga Coffee Shop Durban South Africa Espresso Machine

To keep up to date with the South Africa side of things, follow @TikiTongaCoffeeSA on Instagram and make sure you are following us @TikiTongaCoffee as well!

To find out more about working with Tiki Tonga email Sales@TikiTonga.co.uk or call +01707 278 400.

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