Where can I buy Tiki Tonga Coffee?

Currently you can buy it from our website. Or if you are a business seeking higher volume get in touch via phone or email.

Will coffee make me popular?

Tiki Tonga Coffee will! It tastes so good everyone will want to join you. As Tiki Tonga brings people together.

What’s the key benefit of drinking coffee before I train?

Coffee and it’s caffeine content enables our bodies to access the energy our body stores as fats much earlier in our exercise cycle. This enables you to exercise for longer before you hit the wall! 


How long before training should I drink coffee to get the maximum benefit?

An espresso shot approximately 45 mins before training would be the optimum time. However, you will feel the first effects within a few minutes especially if you have not had one for a while.

How much coffee should I drink?

Everything always in moderation and as part of a balanced diet. More coffee doesn’t necessarily mean more performance and in fact you can build up a tolerance to the effects of coffee if you drink too much. Whilst we would drink coffee all day, we at Tiki Tonga promote responsible consumption.

How long does the effects of coffee last?

For longer than most people can train hard for – over 2 hours… If you can train hard for longer than that, you will already know how to fuel your body. Coffee should be part of your regime not all of your regime.

Which of the Tiki Tongs blends is best for sport?

Typically Robusta blends have a higher caffeine content, therefore our Blend No2 and Blend No8 pack the bigger caffeine hits. An Espresso is going to yield much more caffeine per gram than a flat white or a cappuccino because it is more concentrated, however, it is important that you enjoy your coffee and that comes down to the flavour, and at Tiki Tonga our 4 core blends have a taste to suit everyone.

Is coffee all I need before I train?

No… coffee is just to boost your energy and pick you out of your slump.. the rest is all up to you.