Cafetiere, French Press, Plunger? It's a classic... and worth getting to know!

The humble Cafetiere - French noun for coffee pot, first appeared around 1850. The method, using hot milk rather than water poured over ground coffee, created the original ‘café au lait’ coffee drink.

In 1958 a Swiss Italian designer Faliero Bondanini patented a modern version branded Melior, actually the one Michael Caine used in the film the Ipcress File in 1965.

While instant coffee remained the ‘go to’ method of coffee in the 1970s and 1980s, the taste of ‘real coffee’ was becoming a trend, with cafetieres quickly becoming a favourite in our homes world-wide.

Cafetieres are a simple way to prepare your Tiki Tonga coffee. Check out our video and also a few brew tips so you can make your favourite coffee taste its best.

1. First up, weigh your coffee using kitchen scales, use a ratio of 30g of coffee per 500ml of water. 

 2. If you are grinding your own beans, use coarse grind - like sea salt. Tiki Tonga ground coffee is an omni grind and ready to use.  

3. Warm the cafetiere first. Boil the kettle and swirl some hot water around the cafetiere to warm it up. Add your coffee and then slowly pour in the water (just off the boil). If you keep the cafetiere on your scales you can measure how much water goes in. Make sure all the grinds get wet.

4. Leave for 4 mins

5. After 4 mins take a spoon and break the crust on the surface. No need to stir. Scoop out any remaining lumps and clumps of foam. The coffee grinds will now gently fall to the bottom.

6. For best results leave for a further 4 mins. This is key. At the end of this time most of the coffee will have dropped to the bottom.

7. Slowly plunge, pour and enjoy!

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