The Tiki Tonga Performance Blends #heretohelp

If you are feeling like us, in these uncertain times, it's taking alot to keep motivated, stick to your training regimes, and just keep going and stay on your game...

Sport, health and exercise is at the heart of Tiki Tonga and we share with you the feel good factor it brings, both physically and mentally...

Endure your passion, with the aid of our Specialist Performance Blends, No.#2 and No.#8. The powerful Robusta beans are a key ingredient in the extra kick you get from these Tiki Tonga blends. We thought you may like to learn more about these precious beans. 


The Special Preparation of No.#2 and No.#8 blends come from Robusta coffees grown in the South Indian state of Karnataka which is home to some of the best coffees India produces. 

These coffees are Shade Grown under a two-tier shade canopy often mixed with spices (Pepper), fruit crops (Banana, Jack Fruit) and Jungle Trees. 

Coffee is grown in these regions at an altitude of 600-950 Meters above Sea Level.

Fertile soil with copious amounts of rainfall at 2500-3000 mm per year, helps the coffee flourish. It's perhaps hard to imagine how beautiful they are when they are growing, so here they are in all their glory! 


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