Coffee making series - The Aeropress !

Calling all Espresso style coffee lovers at home!

Do you sometimes crave that creamy flavour of espresso straight up from the bar? 

We know how you love great coffee at home, so continuing our story, this week we thought you might like to discover a little more about the humble 'AeroPress'. another great piece of  equipment that can help you achieve the perfect coffee sip to match your lifestyle and activity. If you have a daily routine you may even be using different coffee and kit at different times of day, based on how much time you have?

The AeroPress Origins 

The AeroPress was invented in 2005 by a toy maker and inventor Alan Adler, who embarked on the quest to reduce the bitterness of his daily cup of coffee by shortening it's brew time.


What's so special about this gadget?

1. It's a small space saving, two tubed device inspired by espresso machine technology 

2. No electricity or levers, just simple human pressure

3. Shorter brew time than the French Press, giving you a tasty cup in one minute

4. Great one cup espresso style coffee in your home with no wasted extra cups, if you are a one cup kind of person

What's more, you can experiment so much with the Aero Press, which is why it is loved by specialty coffee baristas globally. Brew time, push time, coffee dose, coffee to water ratio and water temperature can all be adjusted to enhance different characteristics of your favourite coffee. 


With the AeroPress, watch our video, then feel free to play! As long as you follow the basic steps, you can experiment and play to get the taste you like.

To prepare:

1. Boil high-quality water until it’s between 90º to 96ºC (if you don’t have a thermometer, wait 30-45 seconds after normal kettle boil).

2. Place a filter in the detachable part of the plastic tube. Wet the filter, rinsing helps to remove the papery taste. 

4. Add your favourite Tiki Tonga ground coffee, into the tube and you’re ready to go.

5. Then proceed to pour over your hot water and stir for around 10 seconds.

6. After that, simply insert the plunger into the tube, and then press down slowly. With the help of air pressure in the tube, the water will be forced through the grounds and drip into your coffee mug, which is positioned below.

This method of making makes pure coffee, which is quite like the espresso in terms of strength. What's great, is that it can be diluted with the addition of more water, to achieve your perfect blend. When you plunge the tube, the tube cleans itself too which is an added benefit. The Tiki Tonga No.#2 is superb with this piece of kit, give it a try and enjoy black.

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