Tiki Tonga, announces it’s to become the Official Global Licensee

for Guinness 232 Coffee

We at Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters are immensely proud to be the official coffee roaster and partner of Guinness and Diageo. After its incredible success during the Rugby World Cup, we are delighted to announce the comeback of   ‘Guinness 232 Coffee’ The Ultimate Social Brew.

An infusion of life’s greatest passions, and back with a bang, Guinness 232 Coffee is smooth and balanced in body, with a malty sweetness and rich mouthfeel, which lingers long on the pallet.

Guinness has been brewed, using the same process since the 1770’s - using roasted barley to give the beer its famous dark ruby colour and rich aroma.

During the roasting of this unique and distinctive Guinness coffee blend, special adjustments have been made to the coffee roast profile,  briefly increasing the temperature to 232ºC, which is exactly the same temperature as the barley is roasted at when brewing Guinness. This unlocks the same smooth, creamy, dark malty flavours in the coffee - making this blend, as distinctive as the original.

A blend inspired by tradition, with a mutual passion for sport and bringing people together.

(Guinness 232 coffee contains no alcohol.)

A most versatile blend, the ‘GUNINNESS 232 coffee’ is perfect for any of your favourite coffee drinks from Filter, Americano, Cappuccino, Flat White or Latte, creating a bitter sweet coffee almost identical to GUINNESS in appearance.


Available in beans, ground and NEW capsule formats online from October 19th 2020: Tiki Tonga Guinness 232 Coffee



227g Beans/Ground                     £8

1kg Beans                                        £27

Sleeve of 10 Capsules                   £4.20






In 2016 two guys, from different walks of life, brought together by a love of coffee & sport, founded Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters. Both were inspired to create a coffee brand synonymous with sport. Brad Barritt, former England International and Captain of Saracens and Justin Stockwell Specialty Coffee Expert, together set about sourcing the finest coffee worldwide and creating unique blends centred on natural performance enhancement.

Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters infuses a mutual love of coffee and sport. Sourcing only the finest beans from across the globe, Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters craft the most refined blends, with unlimited care and dedication. Offering flavours that will elevate the senses and ‘pack the winning punch’.



 At Tiki Tonga we are fully committed to bring you an unrivalled consistency of flavour from each of our blended and single origin coffees.

Our sourcing strategy for all Tiki Tonga coffees, is rooted in long term - in some instances decades long, relationships with cooperatives in coffee growing regions worldwide. The end result, bringing you our customer a delicious and consistent flavour profile that you have come to love within your favourites. You can be safe in the knowledge that every single Tiki Tonga coffee is 100% fully traceable, through sustained supportive relationships with our coffee farmers and cooperatives.


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