Tiki Tonga Coffee - Which Blend Will You Prefer?

At Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters we source only the finest beans from across the globe. We craft the most refined blends with unlimited care and dedication, offering flavours to elevate the senses and that pack the winning punch. The brand is synonymous with passion and joy, offering distinctive blends, aimed at bringing people together!

Guide - Props are Stronger than Wingers.

Coffee Blend #2 - 70% Indian Washed Robusta, 10% Kenyan Arabica, 10% Brazilian Mogiana Arabica, 10% Ethiopian Djimmah Arabica

Coffee Blend #8 - 40% Brazilian Mogiana Arabica, 40% Vietnamese Robusta, 10% Javanese Robusta, 10% Rwandan Arabica

Coffee Blend #9 - 30% Honduran Arabica, 30% Kenyan Arabica, 30% Brazilian Mogiana Arabica, 10% Indian Washed Robusta

Coffee Blend #12 - 40% Brazilian Mogiana Arabica, 40% Colombian Arabica,

20% Honduran Arabica


Brad and Justin are hugely involved in sourcing the finest coffee beans to deliver an overall quality product at affordable prices. 

                              Enjoy a Tiki Tonga Coffee at home now 

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