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For many people, January is a time of lifestyle change. With the New Year comes a new set of goals and resolutions. In the UK, most New Year Resolutions are to increase levels of exercise or pursue a healthier and more active lifestyle. For others, New Year Resolutions revolve around personal well-being and time with family and friends. These goals are what Tiki Tonga Coffee is all about. For us, coffee is a tool to use to push sports training and exercise to another level, but it is also something for people to gather around and reconnect.Tiki Tonga Coffee Yoga
At Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters, we admire people who look to make a positive change in their life. Just acknowledging that there is a change you want to make is a big step, being able to implement and maintain that change could make a huge difference to your wellbeing and happiness.

Tiki Tonga Coffee can help you to make the changes you are looking for in your life. Tiki Tonga Coffee Roaster’s unique focus on developing coffees for sports performance (No.2 and No.8), as well as creating refined social blends (No.9 and No.12) means that our coffee can deliver what you need to kick start the changes you want to see in your life.

For Brad Barritt, the benefits of coffee are clear:

I use it as a way of stimulating myself before training, raising my metabolic rate but, more importantly, it’s the way in which I connect with people. I’m not a beer drinker, so the way I meet up with friends or spark new relationships is over a coffee.

Brad with Tiki Tonga Coffee

If your New Year’s aims are fitness related then our naturally high-caffeine blends No.2 and No.8 will give you the motivation you need to push yourself to reach your goals, even after a long day. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that, by raising your metabolic rate, allows you to push your training harder and for longer. We’ve all been there, you know you should go to the gym but you’ve been working hard all day and the sofa is calling. Well with our No.2 and No.8 blends available at home as whole beans, pre-ground or Nespresso compatible pods all it will take is a hit of coffee and you’ll be ready to go.

The power of our social blends: No.9 and No.12 to bring people together for conversation and socialising is just as important to us. The health benefits associated with this sort of face to face interaction in an increasingly digital and isolating world are clear and are an important focus of the company.

Whatever your goals for this new year, we want to encourage you to pursue them. Use Tiki Tonga Coffee to keep you going and to bring you together.

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