Tiki Tonga's 1st Coffee Home Enthusiast Course

Our 1st Home Enthusiast Course has been completed.

Yesterday we hosted the first ever Tiki Tonga Home Enthusiast Course at our Tiki Tonga training room in Welwyn Garden City!

Over 3 hours, our budding coffee enthusiasts learnt all they need to know to understand espresso coffee! The day started with learning about the history of coffee and the coffee journey from farm to cup over a perfect Tiki Tonga flat white of course. Then there was an opportunity to test the participants’ coffee pallet with a coffee cupping session which demonstrated the variety in coffee tasting notes as we discussed some of the reasons for this wide variety.

Loaded with new coffee knowledge, it was time to get hands on with the professional barista machines. Learning first about properly preparing espresso and what to look for in a great espresso, the participants got to understand about the importance and purpose of a coffee grinder. Then it was time to start steaming milk for cappuccinos and flat whites and to get practicing that all-important latte art.

To conclude the day, there was a Tiki Tonga Latte art throwdown (a competition where baristas compete to create the best latte art)!

The day was good fun and everyone did really well. As well as a lot of knowledge to take back home with them, they also got a bag of Tiki Tonga Coffee! 

If you think you would like to come along to our next Tiki Tonga Home Enthusiast course, you can book through our website! It also makes a great gift for the coffee enthusiast in your life.

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