Behind The Scenes at the Tiki Tonga Spring Shoot.

Sport, health and exercise is at the heart of Tiki Tonga and we share with you the feel good factor it brings, both physically and mentally...

Adding our specialist performance blends to your pre and post workout routine, can really make the difference. Here's a reminder about the benefits, including, healing post workout muscle fatigue. 

Helps burn fat and boost energy levels

Drinking a single cup of your Tiki Tonga coffee every morning means consuming fewer calories during the day because caffeine keeps our appetites under control. 

Enhances athletic performance

Caffeine is activated within about 15 minutes of drinking a cup of your favourite coffee, with the peak stimulant effect resulting within 40 to 80 minutes afterwards. Our bodies respond in several ways. Our heart rate increases, fat stores are broken down, and those good fatty acids are released into the bloodstream. The result? Many of us feel energetic and ready for a great workout and even train for longer.

Increases your metabolism

Optimised levels of caffeine in Tiki Tonga blends No.#2 and No.#8 significantly improve the ability to burn fat during exercise and several hours after too.  

Reduces muscle pain

There is a significant improvement for active people concerned about soreness after an intense workout, by drinking two cups of coffee, thus improving endurance levels and resistance to fatigue. Wave goodbye to those dreaded DOMs -'delayed onset muscle soreness'. Coffee stimulates the body to use fat cells instead of muscle glycogen (sugar), during long workouts. This allows for prolonged use of our working muscles.

Here's a quick reminder of about our Performance Blends:

No.2 - The Heavy Hitter 

Heavy and punchy with a powerful liquorice kick and throwing in a cocoa finish. Earthy notes scrum together smoothly with a subtle spicy undertone. 

No.8 - The Big Contender

Strong yet smooth, a true carrier of sweet notes of caramelised sugar, sticky toffee pudding and roasted nuts. 


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