Discover the Tiki Tonga Cold Brew Espresso Martini - it's a classic!

A CLASSIC MADE SIMPLE WITH TIKI TONGA COLD BREW! DISCOVER THE ESPRESSO MARTINI COLD BREW STYLE Take the complexity out of making your favourite coffee based cocktail at home, with a can of Tiki Tonga Cold Brew. As the festive season draws closer, we are allowing ourselves a little indulgence. What better way than with a bit of home cocktail making, starting with the classic Espresso Martini.
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Delicious Cold Brew recipes are here!

We know that Tiki Tonga Cold Brew hits the spot for all sorts of occasions, but Summer time makes for...

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Behind The Scenes at the Tiki Tonga Spring Shoot.

The Tiki Tonga Team spend the day put our Specialist Performance Blends at our most recent Spring photoshoot; the No.#2 The Heavy Hitter and our No.#8 The Big Contender to the test...

Tiki Tonga Training tip for you...

As both blends are specifically designed with performance in mind, try adding the #No.2 or #No.8 as your training preparation drink 30 mins before your session, giving you the edge you deserve and packed with a delicious caffeine punch!

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We asked the question Espresso or Ristretto ?

In Italian, ristretto means “restrict”. The ristretto, is actually the shorter sibling of the espresso. In terms of their creation, the two drinks...

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It's Guinness 232 Coffee Mocha Time!

The Mocha Latte, for sure doesn’t usually immediately spring to mind when deciding on your drink of choice, but when tasted it can quickly become one of the best winter warmers around, not as sweet as a pure hot chocolate, but just enough and also giving you on occasion that much needed chocolatey caffeine kick!

We hope you enjoy our video, where we prepare for you our Guinness 232 Mocha Latte. The malty sweetness and rich mouthfeel of this Arabica blend, is the perfect partner to the real chocolate. For this recipe we chose to make it with Guinness Dark Chocolate from Lir, for that extra Guinness twist.

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NEW No.#3 The Unsung Hero lands

Following the success of our first single origin No.#10 The General, we are excited to introduce you to our second single origin coffee joining the Tiki Tonga family.

No.#3 The Unsung Hero, is the cornerstone of our pack, a player with exceptional character. 

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Behind the Scenes Guinness 232 Coffee Shoot

Our Guinness 232 Coffee deserves a special mention at this time, as it seems to hit the spot with you again and again for all your coffee occasions 😎!

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