It's Iced Coffee Time Guinness 232 Style!



Iced Coffee – So who invented it?

We are told that the first versions of iced coffee, then named 'Mazagran', made their appearance in Algeria around the year 1840 during the battle of Mazagran (pronounced Masagran). During this battle, the French were fighting the Arab and Berber military over Algeria, it took 17 years and during this time milk became scarce, so the soldiers took to adding water to their coffee as a substitute for milk and even drank it as a ‘pick-me-up’ most refreshing cold. Upon returning to France, they brought their new recipe home with them to the local cafés and named it ‘café mazagran’.

Tiki Tonga Guinness 232 Coffee is the perfect blend to make Iced Coffee. Why? Well it’s smooth, balanced body and malty sweetness prevails, as you double your coffee recipe usual measure, to prevent any dilution when poured over the ice cubes.

How do you make it? It’s super simple, checkout our recipe clip here...

You’ll need:

  • Tiki Tonga Guinness 232 Coffee espresso style, or a stronger version of your usual coffee recipe. (For our video attached we show you the filter|cafetiere method, which makes enough for 2 large tumbler glasses)
  • Milk or suggest almond milk|cream as an alternative
  • Honey, a spoonful
  • Tumbler of choice, or highball glass
  • Cocktail swizzle or long spoon


  1. Brew your short strong coffee using double espresso or coffee method of choice
  2. It’s great straight up, but if you prefer a dash more of sweetness, add some honey. A great natural sweetener, honey will give your iced coffee some floral flavour notes enhancing the naturally sweet flavours your Guinness 232 coffee already has
  3. Leave to chill in the fridge for approx. 10 minutes
  4. Pour the coffee over half a glass of large cubed ice (top tip: you can also use ice prepared from frozen Guinness 232 coffee, to add the extra winning punch!)
  5. Serve black or using a larger glass, top up with milk|almond milk|cream & stir for a moment
  6. Find the perfect spot to relax before you start your day or take a moment anytime of the day to chill and enjoy…

As you may know Guinness 232 Coffee contains zero alcohol, so you are definitely ok starting your day with this Guinness if you fancy😉👌!

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