Answers for your questions

During these unprecedented times, we are working hard with our staff, suppliers and courier networks to continue operating safely with the least possible disruption. 

Are you still processing and dispatching orders?

Currently we are operating with care and ensuring safety standards are maintained throughout. Whilst we are processing and dispatching orders, there are impacts to lead times, dispatch times and estimated delivery dates.



The website said order before X for next day delivery. Is this true? 

Currently, we are operating to a standard that ensures safety guidelines are met. This impacts orders on a per order basis. Due to our warehousing setup and staff operations, some orders can be processed quicker than others. Some orders are experiencing longer than expected delays but please be rest assured, we are fulfilling orders at the quickest rate we can without compromise to safety.



It has been over a week, is my order still coming? 

If a week has passed and your order is still not with you, chances are its on its way. Due to pressures on local and nationwide couriers, reduced staff and safety measures, backlogs and other factors are resulting in slower delivery times. In any instances where there are issues with an order in process, we will be in contact to update and discuss options.



Can I return an order?

We are processing returns with safety measures in place. Again, just like there are slow deliveries, your package may experiencing a delay in making it's way back to us and through our returns process. Please allow 7-15 days before contacting us regarding a returns update. We are processing them as quickly and safely as possible.


Tiki Tonga Roasters Team