Introducing No.10 from Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters

                        A single origin Brazilian Yellow Bourbon

The No.10 kicks off with a sweet and creamy mouthfeel. An immensely skilful and beautifully rounded player. Distributing bold notes of roasted nuts and caramel with a bittersweet cocoa conversion.


How strong is our Single Origin #10?

Available in 227g Coffee Beans, Filter or Capsules




About the Origin

Being a single origin coffee means that the beans in No.10 are from one country and in this case, one variety of coffee plant – the Yellow Bourbon. Yellow Bourbon refers to the variety of coffee plant from which these beans are picked. The name Yellow Bourbon comes from the fact that, unlike most coffee varieties, which produce rich red berries when ripe, the Yellow Bourbon variety produces yellow fruit making them a distinctive and recognisable coffee variety.


Serving Suggestion - As single espresso - 8g coffee, 25ml shot, Water 92°C, Extraction time 25 seconds

Ethically sourced and expertly roasted. From the mountains, washed, roasted and enjoyed

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