We were very excited to catch up with Kieron Conway, the next star in our series! 

Hailing from Northampton, England, Kieron is a rising force in boxing, known for his lightning-fast moves and relentless determination.

As a light-middleweight and middleweight boxer, Kieron boasts an impressive record with 20 wins, including 5 by knockout. His skill and tenacity make him a true contender in the ring.

Read on as we delve into Kieron's journey, and discover what drives him to succeed:

Career Highlights:

What moment in your career are you most proud of and why?

Can you describe a turning point or pivotal moment in your career?

My career has been full of highs and lows just like many athletes, it comes with the territory. My most proud would be being selected to fight twice on Canelo Alvarez undercard twice in the states. Once in Texas and once in Las Vegas which has always been a dream of mine as a big Elvis Presley fan.

Training and Preparation:

What does your training regimen look like during the off-season versus in-season?

How do you mentally prepare for a big fight?

My training in off season looks more strength based along with the typical boxing and foundation building running sessions. When a fight comes around and I begin to focus on a particular opponent then it will transfer to more speed and explosive based training with the ultra-specific boxing sessions focusing on getting the win.

Challenges and Overcoming Adversity:

Can you share a time when you faced significant adversity? How did you overcome it?

How do you handle the pressure and expectations that come with your success?

Throughout my career I have come across many injuries in my hands as you can imagine as a professional boxer, so things have been difficult but never to a halt, you must find ways to train and box without punching. This can be done by hours of shadow boxing and eventually returning to punching sponge/foam and so on until I could use full impact. The key is to be actively patient.

Personal Insights:

What are some hobbies or activities you enjoy off the field?

Who has been the most influential person in your career and life?

I’m not a big “hobby” kind of guy. I like the chilled life because this way I don’t feel like I’m negatively impacting my career. Although I do enjoy going to different countries and participating in the local culture.

Team Dynamics:

What's the best piece of advice you've received from a coach or fellow athlete?

Something someone told me once was “stop putting so much pressure on yourself” along with this was an hour of talking but the thing I realised from the conversation was that I was putting so much pressure on myself to be something in particular that I wasn’t actually being that.

Future Aspirations:

Where do you see yourself after retiring from professional boxing?

What goals do you still have for your career?

After I retire from boxing I aim to have built up a portfolio of properties so that my families future as secure as I can make it but before thinking of retiring I must go and perform well in each fight, continue to win and put myself in position to win a world title so that these “post boxing” goals can be fulfilled.

Views on the Sport:

How do you think the sport has evolved since you started?

What changes would you like to see in your sport or its governance?

In the years I’ve been involved in boxing I’ve seen this sport go from nearly on its last legs to certain promoters reigniting the fuel for big nights in boxing and made this sport great for fans of all ages and both men and women can participate in and enjoy from the stands.

Fan Interactions:

Can you share a memorable experience you've had with a fan?

How do you think your relationship with your fans has influenced your career?

I had Memorable moments with fans in Texas, as I arrived, I expected to almost be unknown and almost non-existent, but as soon as I stepped off of the bus to the hotel there was beards of fans shouting my name for autographs and pictures. A similar thing happened after the fight, although I lost the fans really took to me and I was swarmed with pictures and dans just wanting to converse for a moment.

Nutrition and Lifestyle:

How important is nutrition in your daily regimen? Any special dietary practices?

What's a typical day like for you during the season?

Nutrition for athletes is one of the vital parts of the puzzle, athletes that don’t focus on this will eventually find out why they should have. From health to how you feel to how you perform can all be dictated by the choices you make in your nutrition.

My focus is health and everything stems from that, eating clean whole food is key for me. Of course the Tiki Tonga “big contender” No.8 is a great way to start the day before a running session.

Stay tuned for more from our "Packing the Winning Punch" series as we continue to explore the lives and insights of remarkable sports figures who make every play count. Join us as we uncover the stories behind the champions.



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