Welcome to our exciting series, "Packing the Winning Punch," where we're bringing together stars from the world of sports, past and present, to delve into their lives and share some inspiring insights with our Tiki Tonga Community.

Kicking off our series, we're thrilled to introduce the phenomenal Marlie Packer. A powerhouse on the rugby field, Marlie serves as the captain for both the England Women's Rugby team and Saracens Women. She's not only a World Rugby Women's Rugby Player of the Year for 2023 but also a Grand Slam Champion seven times over and a Rugby World Cup Winner in 2014.

Q: What’s your training routine like during the season?

A: I train on a Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and play on the weekend. The days consist of a skills session, gym, speed/agility, and then team training in the evening.

Q: What’s the most memorable moment of your career so far?

A: Winning a World Cup in 2014 is one of the highlights of my career but I think winning the inaugural WXV as Captain of the Red Roses and being named World Player of the Year is my standout.

Q: How do you balance your professional and personal life?

A: Balancing rugby and home life can be challenging at times but since having my son I feel I have a good switch off. I make sure I am ‘on when I’m on’ and ‘off when I’m off’.

Q: What are your aspirations for the future, both in and out of sports?

A: I would like to continue to lead the Red Roses into 2025 and our home World Cup. Post rugby I have an interest in Property Development and would want to flip houses.

Q: Can you tell us about your morning routine?

A: I wake up, have my caffeine fix, probably pick up some phone calls and do some housework (how exciting!) and then get ready for training.

Q: Lastly, what’s your favourite Tiki Tonga coffee blend to kickstart your day?

A: Number 8! ☕🎉

Q: Who would be your 4 dream dinner guests, past or present?

A: The Queen, Jonny Wilkinson, my son, and Laura Colledge, my best friend. She’d bring all the laughs!

Q: If you weren’t a professional rugby player, what else would you love to do?

A: I’d give tennis a go!

Stay tuned for more from our "Packing the Winning Punch" series as we continue to explore the lives and insights of remarkable sports figures who make every play count. Join us as we uncover the stories behind the champions.