On the BBQ with Brad and his Tiki Tonga Guinness 232 Coffee Rub recipe

Check out Brad's Guinness 232 Coffee Rub recipe here, cooked up with the help of his boys on the Big Green Egg BBQ at his home in SA.


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A Father's Day Coffee & Conversation with Saracens Sarah McKenna!

We hear their thoughts on inspiration, admiration and what made them both laugh till they cried...
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A Tiki Tonga South African Hello !

The meaning of Sawubona... 

This Zulu greeting, literally means “I see you.” More than words of politeness, sawubona carries the importance of recognising the worth and dignity of each person. It says, “I see the whole of you—your experiences, your passions, your pain, your strengths and weaknesses, and your future. You are valuable to me.” 

Sawubona is also infused with the belief that when others “see” me, then I exist. The common response is “Shiboka”, which means “I exist for you”. These are more than greetings. They’re ways to vitalise the other person by giving full attention and presence, communicating how much value they carry within them. 

Sawubona. We see you. 

May we have the gift to see more clearly together in the years to come.

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The Swiss Water method what is that all about?

We have chosen to create No.#24 Tiki Tonga Decaf Coffee using the experts choice, the Swiss Water decaffeination process and there are important heath reasons for using this premium most expensive method choice... 
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Brad demonstrates the De'Longhi La Specialista Coffee Machine

Brad shows off the impressive La Specialista Coffee Machine, with a double espresso, choosing the delicious No.#10 beans.

The General No.#10, is a single origin Brazilian Yellow Bourbon, available in 227g or 1kg bags(beans only), beans/ground and capsules format...

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Endure your passion, with the aid of our Specialist Performance Blends. The powerful Robusta beans are a key ingredient in the extra kick you get from these Tiki Tonga blends. We thought you may like to learn more about these precious beans...
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Cafetiere, French Press, Plunger? It's a classic... and worth getting to know!

Cafetiere, French Press, Plunger? It's a classic... and worth getting to know!

The humble Cafetiere - French noun for coffee pot, first appeared around 1850. The method, using hot milk rather than water poured over ground coffee, created the original ‘café au lait’ coffee drink.

Cafetieres are a simple way to prepare your Tiki Tonga coffee. Check out our video and also a few brew tips so you can make your favourite coffee taste its best.

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Brew your coffee simply at home with the V60 dripper!

Brew your favourite Tiki Tonga coffee simply at home!

Right Coffee, Right Kit?

Ever wondered if there is a piece of coffee kit out there just waiting to be called your favourite?

Here’s a session on the V60 dripper, with some hints and tips on getting the most from it and why we think it deserves a place on the equipment team.


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Coffee making series - The Aeropress !

Calling all Espresso style coffee lovers at home!

Do you sometimes crave that creamy flavour of espresso straight up from the bar? 

We know how you love great coffee at home, so continuing our story, this week we thought you might like to discover a little more about the humble 'AeroPress'. another great piece of  equipment that can help you achieve the perfect coffee sip to match your lifestyle and activity.

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Tiki Tonga, announces it’s to become the Official Global Licensee for Guinness 232 Coffee We at Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters...

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🎥 COFFEE & CONVERSATION 🗣 with Brad Barritt

🎥 COFFEE & CONVERSATION 🗣 Co-founder Brad Barritt coming out of his shell, (🐢) to kickoff our: “Sportspeople Coffee & Conversation” 🗣 month. - AIM: is...

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Tiki Tonga go to the Origin - The Honduras Trip

 Tiki Tonga Co-Owner Justin Stockwell and his wife Karen recently visited Honduras on a fast track visit sourcing, testing, roasting...

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